I have a memory of my first painting. Circa 1991. I was Ten.

The painting had strong contrast.The background was black and the main abstract elements were four fat streaks of paint in four different colours.They were overlapping sides of a square – each side a different colour. Whole, with limited blending.I’ve tried to duplicate it but it never comes out right. Perhaps I was better when I was ten.

At any rate, I found something new that was fun and expressive.Painting has been a hobby since. ” Hobby” is the operative word. By no other definition would I have continued on with it. That was the draw (pun incidental). I liked it because I was doing it for no real reason. Just for me.

Gradually the urge to get colour on canvas came more frequently. The more I obliged the desire, the more I painted, the more I wanted to use it to get ideas from thought to canvas. I follow this routine of going by instinct as closely as possible. I’ve been involved in some live painting competitions and performances this past year (photos below) and this strategy has served me well.

At this point, with 21 years of undisciplined self-taught “practice”, I know what my strong points are and where my tendencies lead me. At the same time I’ve taken an appreciation in knowing my faults and working on improving them. There’s a time lesson in there somewhere. I’m probably describing more than art here.

My art battles

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